Alexander Felson

Assistant Professor, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Associate Professor Yale School of Architecture; Director, Urban Ecology and Design Laboratory; Director, Joint Degree Program F&ES / SOA

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
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1. Felson AJ and STA Pickett. 2005.  Designed experiments: New Approaches to understanding urban ecosystems. Frontiers in Ecology, 3(10): 549–556.

Editorials and Commentaries
8. Felson AJ. In Press. Designed Experiments for Earth Stewardship. Projections 11: Planning Sustainability in Global Ecologies. MIT.
7. Allen, A. Sooner or Later at Seaside: An experimental effort by Alexander J. Felson, ASLA, to protect a shoreline neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, from frequent flooding shows how hard it is to make a whole community appreciate the existential threat of climate change. Landscape Architecture Magazine, November 2013: 188-197.
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Book Chapters
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