Eleanor "Kellie" Stokes

Ph.D Candidate

Selected Publications

S. Doll, E. Stokes , B. Davis, What are People Breathing?: Weatherization Impact in Low-income Housing, In Proceedings of Healthy Buildings 2012, July 8-12, 2012, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia., (in progress).

M. Andersen, E. Stokes, N. Gayeski, C. Browne, Using Digital Imaging to Assess Spectral Solar-Optical Properties of Complex Fenestration Materials: A New Approach in Video- Goniophotometry, Solar Energy, vol 84 (4), pp. 549-562, 2010.

N. Gayeski, E. Stokes, M. Andersen, Using Digital Cameras as Quasi-Spectral Radiometers to Study Complex Fenestration Systems, Lighting Research and Technology, vol. 41 (1), pp. 7- 25, 2009.

E. Stokes, N. Gayeski, M. Andersen, Estimating Spectral Information of Complex Fenestration Systems in a Video- Goniophotometer, Lighting Research and Technology, vol. 40 (4), pp. 269-285, 2008.

M. Andersen, E. Stokes, N. Gayeski, Assessing Solar Bidirectional Light Distribution with the Heliodome, In Proceedings of the IESNA 2008 conference, Savannah GA, Nov 9-11, 2008.

M. Andersen, N. Gayeski, E. Stokes, R. Osser, C. Browne, The Heliodome project: an innovative approach in assessing solar- optical properties of light-redirecting materials in combination with sun course simulations, In Proceedings CISBAT 2007: Renewables in a changing climate - Innovation in the Built Environment, Lausanne, September 4-5, 2007.