Rob Bailis

Associate Professor

Teaching Statement

I teach courses that explore the human dimensions of energy utilization, resource utilization and environmental change with a focus on developing regions. I draw on multiple disciplines to help students better understand the complex nature of the interrelationships between human society and the environment.

Specific course offerings include:

* Energy Issues in Developing Countries – a broad survey of social, economic, and political issues affecting access to and utilization of energy resources at the household, national and global scales.

* Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Developing Countries – a course that introduces students to the science and policy of climate change and examines vulnerability and adaptation among developing countries. Mitigation efforts among the key emitters in developing regions such as China and India as well as major contributors to emissions from LUC such as Brazil and Indonesia are also discussed.

* Advanced Seminar in Social and Political Dimensions of Climate Change - This new seminar will explore advanced topics in social and political aspects of climate change. Topics will vary from year to year and may include societal impacts of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation, ethics and justice, economics, international relations, or climate change mitigation strategies. Students will work individually or in small groups and focus intensively on a single topic for the semester. When possible, the topic(s) that students work on will be derived from real projects and developed in conjunction with outside organizations that are actively working on climate-related issues.