Arthur Middleton

Associate research scientist

Selected Publications

Academic publications

Middleton, A.D., D.K. Skelly, D.R. MacNulty, A.T. Ford, O.J. Schmitz, and M.J. Sheriff. In review. Predator-prey encounter rates, lethality, and the challenge of predicting risk effects in diverse vertebrates.

Middleton, A.D., M. Hebblewhite, L.R. Prugh, A. Treves, M. Ogada, J. Maron, S.G. Clark, F. Ahrestani, D.T. Blumstein, J.S. Brashares, D. Fortin, N.T. Hobbs, G. Hopcraft, S. Hussain, M.J. Kauffman, M. Letnic, D.J. Mattson, K.L. Parker, D.W. Smith, C.C. Wilmers, and O.J. Schmitz. In review. Characterizing coexistence landscapes to advance interdisciplinary approaches to large carnivore conservation.

Middleton, A.D., M.J. Kauffman, D.E. McWhirter, R.C. Cook, J.G. Cook, M.D. Jimenez, S.E. Albeke, H. Sawyer, and P.J. White. 2013. Linking antipredator behavior to prey demography reveals the limited risk effects of an actively hunting large carnivore. Ecology Letters 16:1023-1030. Original article, Discover MagazineScienceNOWCasper Star-TribuneJackson Hole News and GuideMissoulian, Bozeman Chronicle, Wildlife Professional

Middleton, A.D., M.J. Kauffman, D.E. McWhirter, J.G. Cook, R.C. Cook, A.A. Nelson, M.D. Jimenez, and R.W. Klaver. 2013. Rejoinder: Challenge and opportunity in the study of ungulate migration amid environmental change. Ecology 94:1280-86. Original article.

Middleton, A.D., M.J. Kauffman, D.E. McWhirter, J.G. Cook, R.C. Cook, A.A. Nelson, M.D. Jimenez, and R.W. Klaver. 2013. Animal migration amid shifting patterns of predation and phenology: Lessons from a Yellowstone elk herd. Ecology 94:1245-56.  Original article, Connecticut Public Radio (audio)Wyoming Public Radio's Open Spaces (audio)Billings GazetteCasper Star-TribuneJackson Hole News and GuideSan Francisco Chronicle, Montana Outdoors, Ecological Society of America

Hand, B.K., S. Chen, N. Anderson,  A. Beja-Pereira, P.C. Cross, M. Ebinger, H. Edwards, R.A. Garrott, M.D. Kardos, M. Kauffman, E.L. Landguth, A.D. Middleton, M. Schwartz, B. Scurlock, P.J. White, P. Zager, and G. Luikart. In press. Limited maternal gene flow among elk populations in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem revealed by mitochondrial DNA. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management. Original article.

Middleton, A.D., T.A. Morrison, J.K. Fortin, C.T. Robbins, K.M. Proffitt, P.J. White, D.E. McWhirter, T.M. Koel, D. Brimeyer, W.S. Fairbanks, and M.J. Kauffman. 2013. Grizzly bear predation links the loss of native trout to the demography of migratory elk in Yellowstone. Proceedings of the Royal Society B - Biological Sciences 280:20130870. Original articleNature Research HighlightScienceNOWBillings GazetteCasper Star-TribuneJackson Hole News and GuideBozeman ChronicleConservation MagazineAgence France-PresseLe MondeSpiegel, High Country News, Scientific American, Western Confluence

Christianson, D., R.W. Klaver, A.D. Middleton, and M.J. Kauffman. 2013. Confounded winter and spring phenoclimatology on large herbivore ranges. Landscape Ecology 28:427-437. Original article.

Sawyer, H., M.J. Kauffman, A.D. Middleton, T.A. Morrison, R.M. Nielson, and T.B. Wyckoff. 2013. A framework for understanding barrier effects on migratory ungulates. Journal of Applied Ecology 50:68-78. Original article.

Nelson, A.A., M.J. Kauffman, A.D. Middleton, M.D. Jimenez, D.E. McWhirter, J.J. Barber, and K. Gerow. 2012. Elk migration patterns and human activity influence wolf habitat selection in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Ecological Applications 22:2293-2307. Original article.

Cross, P.C., E.K. Cole, A.P. Dobson, W.H. Edwards, K.L. Hamlin, G. Luikart, A.D. Middleton, B.M. Scurlock, and P.J. White. 2010. Probable causes of increasing elk brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Ecological Applications 20: 278-288. Original article.

Pauli, J.N., J.P. Whiteman, M. Riley, and A.D. Middleton. 2009. Defining ‘noninvasive’ for sampling of vertebrates. Conservation Biology 24:349-352. Original article.

Hohl, A., C. Picard, S.G. Clark, and A.D. Middleton. 2014. Approaches to large-scale conservation: a survey. pp. 29-51 in "Large Scale Conservation in the Common Interest," eds. S.G. Clark, A. Hohl, C. Picard, and E. Thomas. Springer Series on Environmental Management. Book chapter.

Other writing

Middleton, A.D. 2015. Living with large carnivores: do ecology and conservation biology have the answers (book review)? Ecology 96:880-81. Original article.

Middleton, A.D. 2015. San Guillermo Expedition 2015. National Geographic Explorer’s Journal (blog series on puma-vicuna interactions).

Middleton, A.D. 2014. "Changes in habitat quality and predation shape a Yellowstone elk migration" and "Cascading consequences of the lake trout invasion on Yellowstone's migratory elk?" in Yellowstone Science 22:36-37.

Middleton, A.D. 2015. San Guillermo Expedition 2014. National Geographic Explorer’s Journal (blog series on puma-vicuna interactions).

Middleton, A.D. 2014. Is the wolf a real American hero? The New York Times (commentary). pp. A21. Original article, Popular Science.

Middleton, A.D. 2012. As wolves return to the West, greens go to court (commentary). The Wall Street Journal. pp. A11. Original article.

Martínez del Rio, C. and A.D. Middleton. 2010. Laws for ecology? (book review). Ecology 91:1244-1245.

Museum exhibition

"Invisible Boundaries: The Seasonal Journeys of Yellowstone's Wildlife." In production. With C. Preston, K. McWhorter, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Split Rock Studios, J. Riis, J. Prosek, and J. Nichols.

Short film

"Elk River." With J. Nichols and J. Riis.