Shimon C. Anisfeld

Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist in Water Resources and Environmental Chemistry

Selected Publications

Selected Recent Publications
Anisfeld, S. C., R. T. Barnes, M. A. Altabet, and T. X. Wu.  2007.  Isotopic apportionment of atmospheric and sewage nitrogen sources in two Connecticut rivers.  Environmental Science and Technology 41: 6363-6369. PDF

Anisfeld, S. C.  2007.  Emerging markets for ecosystem services:  Setting the context.  Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 25:  1-14. PDF 

Traister, E. and S. C. Anisfeld.  2006.  Variability of indicator bacteria at different time scales in the Upper Hoosic River Watershed.  Environmental Science and Technology 40: 4990-4995. PDF

Chmura, G., S. C. Anisfeld, D. Cahoon, and J. Lynch.  2003.  Global carbon sequestration in tidal, saline wetland soils.  Global Biogeochemical Cycles 17 (DOI 10.1029/2002GB001917) PDF 

Anisfeld, S. C., M. J. Tobin and G. Benoit. 1999. Sedimentation rates in flow-restricted and restored salt marshes in Long Island Sound. Estuaries 22: 231-244. PDF 

Anisfeld, S. C. and G. Benoit. 1997. Impacts of flow restrictions on salt marshes:  An instance of acidification. Environmental Science and Technology 31:1650-1657. PDF