Angel Hsu

Assistant Professor Adjunct

Selected Publications

Selected publications:

Hsu, A., YP. Cheng, A. Weinfurter, KY. Xu, and C. Yick. 2016. Track climate pledges of cities and companies. Nature 532(7599): 303-306. doi10.1038/532303a

Hsu, A
., A.S. MoffatA.J. Weinfurter, and J.D. Schwartz. “Towards a New Climate Diplomacy.” Nature Climate Change 5, 501–503 (2015).

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Hsu, A. (2015). Measuring Policy Analytical Capacity for the Environment: A Case for Engaging New Actors. Policy and Society, Volume 34, Issues 3–4, September–December 2015, 197–208. http://doi:10.1016/j.polsoc.2015.09.003.

Malik, O., A. Hsu, L. Johnson, and A. de Sherbinin. (2015) An Indicator of Global Wastewater Treatment to Inform the Sustainable Development Goals. Environmental Science and Policy, 48: 172-185.

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Hsu, A. (2013). Limitations and Challenges of Provincial Environmental Protection Bureaus in China’s Environmental Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification. Environmental Practice, 15(3): 280-292.

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