Alark Saxena

Associate Research Scientist, Lecturer and Program Director Yale Himalaya Initiative

Selected Publications

Articles in Review:

A. Saxena, R. Bailis, B. Guneralp, C. D. Oliver, G. Yohe : "Evaluating the impact of increased status of protected areas on local livelihoods in light of climate shocks: a case of Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary and bordering village Panchayat in Madhya Pradesh, India" - Regional Environmental Change

Publications AND presentations

A. Saxena, R. Bailis, B. Guneralp, G. Yohe, C. D. Oliver : "Evaluating the resilience of forest dependent communities in Central India by combining the Sustainable livelihoods framework and the Cross Scale Resilience Analysis: A novel approach" - Current Science . 110 (07): 1195-1207

Saxena, A., V. Sharma, S. Chaturvedi, H. Joshi (2015) Climate Change and Business Strategies: The Case of Automobile and Associated Ancillary Sectors in Madhya Pradesh- Journal of Business Strategy- IUP Publications, Hyderabad 

Saxena, A. (2011) “Climate Change Resilience: can Joint Forest Management help Indian forest and communities? – Journal of Resources, Energy and Development, TERI Volume 8 (2)

Saxena, A(2011)“Tackling Climate Change in a complex world through Resilience:  Looking at data needs and challenges” Proceedingsof the National Seminar on Environmental Pollution- Data Gaps and Availability, March, 2011, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, India.

W.M. Collier, K.R. Jacobs, A. Saxena, J. Baker-Gallegos, M. Carroll, and G.W. Yohe (2009) “Strengthening Socio-ecological Resilience through Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation”, Environmental Hazards Journal, 8: 171-186

Saxena A (2007) “Feasibility of Coconut Oil as Biodiesel in Dominica”, Proceedings of the4th International Conference on Biofuels, Organized by Winrock International, New Delhi, India, Feb 1-2, 2007.

Bhattacharya, A, Y Dubey and A Saxena (2005) Book Chapter “Ecotourism Potential in Madhya Pradesh” in the book titled Ecotourism and Livelihood, Concept Publishers, New Delhi, India.

Saxena, A (2004) “Evaluating the Ecotourism Potential of some select sites in Madhya Pradesh, India”, Tourism Development Journal, Shimla, India, 2004.


Saxena A (2015): Nepal Earthquake: A prelude to a bigger disaster, Yale Global Online. 

White Papers on:

Saxena A (2012) Impact of tourism Dynamics on livelihood strategy in Sagarmatha National park, Nepal

Saxena A (2010) Petroleum or Biodiesel- a comparative analysis for Dominica (used for Parliamentary debate) in Dominican parliament

Saxena A (2008) Prioritizing the risks and defining the risk management strategies for Dominica

Saxena A (2004) Impact of Forest Grazing Policy on the Livelihoods of the Pastoral Community in India