Agha Akram

Selected Publications

Working Papers

"Reducing Early Childhood Diarrhea: Enhanced Own-learning and Technology Adoption"

"Farmer Adaptation to Heterogeneous Surface Irrigation Water Delivery"


Akram, Agha A. (2013), "Is a surface-water market physically feasible in Pakistan’s Indus Basin Irrigation System?", Water International, Vol. 38, Iss. 5.

Aberman, Noora-Lisa, Wielgosz, Benjamin, Zaidi, Fatima, Ringler, Claudia, Akram, Agha Ali, Bell, Andrew Reid and Issermann, Maikel, (2013), "The policy landscape of agricultural water management in Pakistan", No 1265, IFPRI discussion papers, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

Akram, Agha Ali and Sheila Olmstead (2011), “The Value of Household Water Service Quality in Lahore, Pakistan”, Environmental and Resource Economics, Volume 49, Number 2, 173-198.

Other Interests

Akram, Agha Ali (2009). “Indus Basin Water Resources”, Tiempo, No. 70.

Ikram, Muhammad Jahangir and Akram, Agha Ali (2007). “Air pollution monitoring through a volunteer internet-based network”, Environment and Urbanisation, April 2007 vol. 19 no. 1.

Akram, Agha Ali (2006). “The Conflict Between Russia and Chechnya: A Historical Analysis”, The Islamabad Papers, Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad.