Yale Expert to Discuss Shale Gas Development

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An expert on the transport and fate of chemicals in groundwater will discuss the impact of shale gas extraction on Wednesday, Sept. 5, as part of the F&ES seminar series.
James Saiers, professor of hydrology, will present “Environmental Implications of Shale-Gas Development: Frack versus Fiction” at noon in Burke Auditorium at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies on 195 Prospect Street.
He will give a primer on shale gas, evaluate the arguments for and against its development, address the effect of extraction methods on air and water quality, compare shale gas’ impact on the landscape to other extractive industries, and assess whether shale gas is a climate-friendlier alternative to coal.
“My presentation will distinguish between what is known, only suspected and unknown, leaving you to decide whether shale gas is a blessing or a curse, or something in between,” said Saiers.
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PUBLISHED: August 17, 2012

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