New Publication Interprets Peer-Reviewed Research

Yale Environment Review
A new online publication that publishes summaries of peer-reviewed research spanning the natural and social sciences in leading academic journals aims to influence public policy and promote informed decision-making.
“The Yale Environment Review will provide a forum for producing and disseminating concise summaries of cutting-edge research from around the world that will be of general interest to those engaged in the fields of environmental and natural resource management,” said Matthew Kotchen, executive editor and associate professor of environmental economics and policy at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.
The Yale Environment Review won’t publish original research, but instead will provide brief, nontechnical commentaries on one or more published papers, with an emphasis on why the scientific findings are of general interest and relevant to policy and management. The weekly commentaries will be joined by a forum for moderated comments, questions and links to related content, and can be viewed at
YER featured on Scientific American blog
The Yale Environment Review is being featured on a Scientific American blog.
Kotchen said the new publication will draw attention to the unique training and quality of students within the graduate programs at Yale. The editorial staff includes Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Siegel and staff writers Jesse Burkhardt, Omar Malik, Rich Press, Liz Thomas, Dylan Walsh and Leigh Whelpton.
In the inaugural installment, the staff reviewed the following journal articles: “The Impact of Pollution on Worker Productivity,” published in the National Bureau of Economic Research; “Cryptic Biodiversity Loss Linked to Global Climate Change,” Nature Climate Change; “Human Pathogen Shown to Cause Disease in the Threatened Eklhorn Coral Acropora palmata,” PLoS ONE; and “The Optimum Mix of Electricity from Wind-and Solar-Sources in Conventional Power Systems: Evaluating the Case for New York State,” Energy Policy.
“The Yale Environment Review has the feel of an interactive blog, but the postings are substantially more formal and polished,” said Siegel. “The goal is for it to be a well-recognized and frequented resource not only for students and academics, but also for professionals and journalists.”

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PUBLISHED: May 1, 2012

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