Urbanization Expert Dr. Karen Seto Promoted to Full Professor with Tenure

On December 7, 2012 the Yale Corporation voted to confirm School of Forestry & Environmental Studies’ (F&ES) Dr. Karen Seto to promotion to Full Professor with tenure based on her outstanding record of scholarship in the fields of urbanization, land change science, and sustainability. Seto’s work in China, Vietnam, and India seeks to determine how urbanization is changing the Earth’s surface, what drives urban land change in contemporary Asia, and where will urban expansion occur in the future. She is also investigating the environmental impacts of urban expansion.
F&ES Dean Peter Crane noted, “Dr. Seto is one of the world's leading authorities on the patterns and process of urbanization and her contributions in this area of scholarship  are truly exceptional. We are delighted that she has now passed another major milestone in her career.”
Dr. Seto has developed an internationally-recognized research program that uses a combination of satellite remote sensing, socioeconomic and biophysical data, in-person field interviews, and quantitative modeling methods to examine the drivers, patterns, and consequences of urbanization.

Dr. Seto’s courses provide students with a fundamental understanding of the relationships between urbanization and global environmental change, as well as training in the analytical tools and methods needed to examine urbanization.

As Dr. Seto recently noted, “The unfolding urban transformation has profound implications for virtually every aspect of life on Earth. The environmental challenges are enormous, but so are the opportunities. By creating a scientific understanding of the links between urbanization and global change, my research informs policy and provides the foundations for more sustainable urbanization in the decades to come.”
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PUBLISHED: December 11, 2012

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