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Taking Shape 

Thanks to the steady progress of construction teams, Kroon Hall is beginning to take shape.  The building has risen floor by floor through a regular cycle of setting up concrete forms and pouring supports and slabs.  The superstructure, or skeleton of the building, is nearly complete.

Top FLoor

Chris Meyer, Construction Manager for Turner Construction, describes this phase of work as a giant chess game.  The chessboard is the limited space of the Kroon site, a rectangle created by Sage Hall, Osborne Memorial Laboratories, Sachem’s Wood, and Prospect Street.  Campus life – classes, experiments, lunch at the food carts at Sachem and Prospect – continues unabated on the edges of the construction site and every effort has been made to minimize the impact of noise and traffic.  Within the chessboard, Meyer orchestrates the movements multiple work crews and piles of building materials.  The moving parts are choreographed to a specific order of events, for example, laying water storage tanks before the area gets closed off by the structure for the service node or clearing out the concrete forms before the roof supports can be moved on site and assembled.

The unseasonably warm weather in February proved to be a double-edged sword for construction.  As concrete is highly affected by cold while curing, the warmer temperatures were conducive to pouring.  Unfortunately, February was also a month of record rains (almost a foot) and so construction teams were forced to continue through pouring rain and wet, muddy conditions.



Photographs by Peter Otis

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