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A Webcam View of December Construction 

The construction of Kroon Hall continued in December through snowstorms and often into the night. Anyone can keep an eye on progress and see what the construction site currently looks like by viewing the webcam located on the south wall of Sage Hall. Below are two time-lapse videos created using digital photographs taken by the webcam, which is set to store a photo every three minutes. These videos illustrate (at high speed) a typical day’s activity during December.

December 13, 2007

December 19, 2007




Charter Donors
Edward P. Bass
Susan & Coleman P. Burke
Michael F. O. Harris Family
Carl W. Knobloch, Jr.
Mary Jane & Richard E. Kroon
Evelyn and Bonnie Lee
John Mars
Gilman Ordway
Diana Calthorpe & Jonathan F. P. Rose
Joan O. L. Tweedy
William D. Waxter III
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