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Mini-Kroon Gets a New Look 

Kroon is a unique building, employing both cutting edge technological systems and traditional locally sourced materials. While the building design involves detailed blueprints and elaborate models, the design and construction teams aren't leaving anything to chance. To fully test the sequencing of construction and how the different elements fit together, they built a prototype of a small section of the building at the construction site – the structure dubbed mini-Kroon by Peter Otis (F&ES Director of Career Development and intrepid documentarian of Kroon's progress).

Mini-Kroon began early in 2007 as both a structural test of the concrete superstructure and an aesthetic test of the smoothness of exposed concrete (what is referred to as "architectural" concrete). The simple, open-air structure of four columns and a roof was also used as a platform from which a brass band serenaded the assembled crowd for the Groundbreaking Ceremony in May.

This month, mini-Kroon got a new look, when the concrete structure was enclosed with the materials that will make up the building envelope. Mini-Kroon now features waterproofing, insulation, a stone façade, and windows that hinge at both the top and sides to give building users lots of control over natural ventilation. The prototype is, in a sense, a sneak preview of the Kroon exterior.

Smoothing the surface

Later in the construction process, interior finishes and raised floors will be installed in mini-Kroon to further test how things fit together, shake out any problems, and help modify the designs for constructability. Once the issues are worked out on the mini-Kroon scale, they will be applied to the full-sized building. At the end of the construction process, mini-Kroon will be demolished clear space for the courtyard, but, for the time being, it serves as a cozy little classroom for learning about green design.






Photographs by Peter Otis

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