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The Building Rises 


Kroon's construction can be thought of as consisting of three main phases: building up the concrete superstructure, enclosing the building with the masonry and glazing, and finishing the interiors. The construction team is still in the middle of that first phase, with preparation of forms, placing of rebar, and large concrete pours a steady routine until early 2008.

As winter sets in, things will get a little more complicated out on the building site. The concrete, for example, must be cured at a minimum of 40 degree Fahrenheit. When the temperature dips below that point, the Turner Construction team will enclose the areas where concrete is being poured with tarps and tents and blow warm air underneath the curing cement to keep the temperature steady. Snow can also be a nuisance, blanketing the site and ruining materials. After each significant snowfall, the construction team will need to dig themselves out before getting back to work.


While the focus remains the concrete superstructure, there are certain tasks that can only happen in a certain sequence. For example, in late October a 10,000 gallon rainwater tank was placed in the West courtyard, an area that will get boxed in as construction progresses. This tank will be part of Kroon's sophisticated rainwater capture, filtration and reuse system, serving primarily to store and slowly discharge stormwater to lessen the burden on sewer infrastructure during storm events. A second, larger tank (with a capacity of 20,000 gallons) will hold rainwater that will be filtered and reused as gray water in building systems and for watering the native vegetation in the courtyards.


For the time being, it takes a lot of imagination to picture the lush courtyards and a flowing water feature. But the Kroon building is beginning to reveal itself, in terms of shape and scale, as the concrete skeleton rises.


Photographs by Peter Otis

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