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Academic Publications


Which Social Cost of Carbon? A Theoretical Perspective
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, forthcoming.

Deciphering Dueling Analyses of Clean Water Regulations
Science, 358 (2017) 49-50, with K. Boyle and V.K. Smith.

Public Willingness to pay for a U.S. Carbon Tax and Preferences for Spending the Revenue
Environmental Research Letters, 12 (2017) 094012, with Z. Turk and A. Leiserowitz.

Cofinancing in Environment and Development: Evidence from the Global Environment Facility
World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming, with N.K Negi.

Longer-Run Evidence on Whether Building Energy Codes Reduce Residential Energy Consumption
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 4 (2017) 135-153.

Opportunities for Advances in Climate Change Economics
Science, 352 (2016) 292-293, with M. Burke, M. Craxton, C. Kolstad, et al.

Reassessing the Contribution of Natural Gas to U.S. CO2 Emission Reductions Since 2007
Nature Communications, 7 (2016), Article number 10648, with Erin Mansur.

A View From the United States
in T
owards a Workable and Effective Climate Regime, VoxEU ebook (2015).

An Economic Perspective on the EPA's Clean Power Plan
Science, 346 (2014) 815-816, with M. Fowlie, L. Goulder, et al. [Comment submitted to the EPA is available here.]

Testing Motives for Charitable Giving: A Revealed-Preference Methodology with Experimental Evidence
Journal of Public Economics, 120 (2014) 181-192, with R. Deb and R. Gazzale.

Conflicts of Interest Distort Public Evaluations: Evidence from the Top 25 Ballots of NCAA Football Coaches
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 107 (2014) 51-63, with M. Potoski.

Reconsidering Donations for Nonmarket Valuation
Environmental and Resource Economics, 62(2015) 481-490.

Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity in Marginal Emissions: Implications for Electric Cars and other Electricity-Shifting Policies
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 107 (2014) 248-268, with J. Graff Zivin
and E. Mansur.

The Identification of Causal Effects in Environmental and Energy Economics
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How Stringent is the EPA's Proposed Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants?
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Energy Policy,
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Public Goods
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Corporate Social Responsibility for Irresponsibility
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Energy Efficiency Codes
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Green Clubs
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