Research Program on Vegetation and People in Cities

Faculty on this research committee on pursuing projects that build from observational to experimental research around vegetation, urban green spaces and people. Two research themes will be explored: 1. Measuring and describing the sociology and ecology of urban green spaces (lots) and gauging their ecological and social benefits; and 2.  Measuring and describing the sociology and ecology of streets and throughways and devising new ways of mitigating pollutants and storm water runoff, increasing biodiversity, and enhancing the aesthetic and climate environment for humans.

Yale Experimental Watershed Project (The Yale Swale Project)

There has long been keen interest by F&ES faculty and students to develop teaching, research and management opportunities on Yale University’s campus. One possibility is the “Yale Swale”, a 5.5 acre forested area bounded by Prospect St. to the east, the Prospect-Sachem Parking Garage to the south, Mansfield St. to the west, and Hillside Place to the north. Earlier in the last century, the site comprised a mix of trees and backyards maintained by Mansfield and Prospect St. residents. A series of changes in ownership leading to Yale’s acquisition of most of the properties within the project area has created an interest in managing the site collectively.  Read more...

Initial Assessment of the Yale Swale by Stephen Brooks and Ryan Sarsfield

Yale Swale 2013 Assessment by Ambika Khadka and Avishesh Neupane


Urban Community-Based Tree Planting Research Studies

F&ES students conducted a survey of trees planted in New Haven by volunteers participating in the Community Greenspace program.  The research resulted in two published papers.

Relationships between bole and crown size for young urban trees in northeastern USA by Blake Troxel, Max Piana, Mark S. Ashton, and Colleen Murphy-Dunning published in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12 (2013)

Stewardship Success: How Community Group Dynamics Affect Urban Street Tree Survival and Growth by Emily Jack-Scott, Max Piana, Blake Troxel, Colleen Murphy-Dunning, and Mark S. Ashton published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 2013

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