Yale ENRE Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to have two Ph.D. students and one post-doctoral scholar from the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics group at Yale on the academic job market this year. All three will be ready to start a position in July 2015.

Namrata Kala
Fields: Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Economic History
References: Robert Mendelsohn, Michael Boozer, Dean Karlan, Tavneet Suri, Chris Udry
Website: www.namratakala.com

Peter Christensen
Fields: Energy & Environmental Economics, Urban Economics, Development Economics
References: Karen Seto, Robert Mendelsohn, Kenneth Gillingham, William Nordhaus
Website: www.peterchristensen.net

Tsvetan Tsvetanov (post-doctoral scholar)
Fields: Environmental & Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Applied Microeconomics
References: Kenneth Gillingham, Kathleen Segerson, Farhed Shah
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/tgtsvetanov
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