2015 Class Gift

Seedling in a pot

86% Participation

In the midst of all that will be happening in the next few weeks before graduation, we hope you’ll consider taking a few moments to participate in a special effort to raise support for the 2015 Class Gift.
Here’s how it works: each year, the members of the graduating class make a collective gift to the Annual Fund in support of scholarships for future students. The donations classes made before us helped to provide the scholarship support so many of us have received at F&ES.
Our Class Gift is an awesome way for us to continue the legacy of students giving back to the School that has given us so much. Every $1,000 we raise will create a Class of 2015 Scholarship that will be awarded to a member of the incoming Class of 2017. We are hoping to be able to raise $5102 this year (That’s 2015 backwards!), with 100% of the class donating. Your help can get us from seed funding to a fitting tree-bute to F&ES.
Everyone who donates will be able to put up a leaf with their name on it on the tree that is hanging in the Kroon Knob, to show our progress toward reaching our goal. You can follow our progress online too as we watch our virtual seedling grow into a mighty tree! We want to see the tree vibrant and full of leaves as soon as we can, so donate online here, donate in person to your agents, and encourage your friends to join us, as we help out future F&ES-ers.
In the next few weeks we’ll all hopefully be able to take some time to reflect on our experience here and where it’s led us. Take a moment to chip in what you can to the Class Gift—gifts of all amounts count and make a real difference! 
Thanks from us and future F&ESers,

Your Class of 2015 Agents:

Hasita Bhammar
Yaping Cheng
Kenny Cloft
Yesenia Gallardo
Emily Grady
Susannah Harris
Dawn Henning
Hyacinthe Nare
Frances Sawyer
Krysia Solheim

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Honor Roll

Anonymous (11)
Kelly Aho
Alexandra Alhadeff
Abraham Allison
Avana Andrade
Melissa Arias
Dana Baker
Albert Kwokwo Barume
Katherine Beechem
Ross Bernet
Hasita  Bhammar
Uma Bhandaram
Sarah Bolthrunis
Whitney Boone
Véronique Bourg-Meyer
Megan Brakeley
Minna Brown
Colin Brown
Timothy Brown
Karin Bucht
Joseph Calamia
Michelle Camp
Malia Carpio
Sarah Casson
Chung-Leong Chan
Yaping Cheng
Starling Childs
Pooja Chopra
Jenaleah Clarke
Kenneth Cloft
Kelly Coplin
Leslie Couvillion
Donald D'Souza
Jorge De Vicente Benito
Sangay Dorji
Kristin Dreiling
Brendan Edgerton
Shane Feyers
Akiva Fishman
Marissa Galizia
Rebecca Gallagher
Yesenia Gallardo
Snigdha Garg
Rebecca Gilbert
David Gonzalez
Simon Gore
Emily Grady
Zena Grecni
Sarah Guy
Christopher Halfnight
Alec (Gator) Halpern
Ayumi Hara
Susannah Harris
Benjamin Hayes
Katherine Heller
Dawn Henning
Heri Hermawan
Angel Hertslet
Zoraya Hightower
Peter Hirsch
Linda Holcombe
Elizabeth Horvitz
Tianjun Hou
Stephanie Johns
Corey Johnson
Bryce Kellogg
Nicholas Kline
Philip Kunhardt
Vinh Lang
Danielle Lehle
Celine Lim
Yun-Mei Lo
Jorge Lopez Orendain
Sophia Luo
Sarah Lupberger
Daniel Macri
Ruth Metzel
Tara Meyer
Samuel Miller-McDonald
Benjamin Morelli
Hale Morrell
Donald Mosteller
Grant Mulligan
Hyacinthe Nare
Jamie O'Connell
Suzanne Ozment
Selena Pang
Jong Tae Park
Rachel Plawecki
José Pons Ballesteros
Michael Puckett
Maha Qasim
Yiyuan Qin
Clara Rowe
Margaret Sackrider
Logan Sander
Frances Sawyer
Cari Shiffman
Jessie Shoemaker
Jeffrey Smith
Jaeeun Sohng
Kristina Solheim
James Stephenson
Sarah Sugar
Matheus Teixeira Pires do Couto
Maggie Thomas
Lindsay Toland
Sarah Tolbert
Katherine Tsantiris
Colby Tucker
Marley Urdanick
Eric Vermeiren
Jessica Webb
Amy Weinfurter
Luke Weiss
Heather West
Carley Wigod
Sarah Wilder
Aaron Willis
Verner Wilson
Emily Wright
Ru-Shyan Yen
Logan Yonajak
Sophie Young
Robert Youngs
Sheena Zhang
Emily Zink
Miranti Zulkifli
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