The Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies is conducting a research project to investigate sustainable tourism management of the Sagarmatha National Park and Buffer Zone (SNPBZ) located in Nepal. The project aims to develop a clearer understanding of the tourism dynamics including drivers, critical linkages and feedbacks.  There are few viable “centers of economic activity” inside Khumbu.  Instead, the two major centers (tourism and remittance) largely trade with Kathmandu and generate little money circulation within the Khumbu.  It is presumed that, if the Sherpa people are more prosperous they will be more concerned about the quality of environment—and more active in preventing the tourism/degradation. The output from this phase of the project, funded by a gift from Forrest Berkley, will be a research paper analyzing the flow of funds and benefits in the tourism business in the Khumbu area.  These research findings will be useful for future tourism management and planning for the SNP.

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