Green Bandit

Barbara Ruth Brings Composting to Marsh Hall


Since coming to work for the Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry (GISF), Barbara tried to make the goal of sustainability real by reducing the food-related waste generated from events. At first, Marsh did not have sufficient composting facilities so Barbara made sure reusable plates and utensils were used instead of disposable items for the weekly Forest Forum seminars and other Marsh Hall events. She even took it upon herself to hand wash the reusable items!  For larger events held in Kroon, Barbara made certain the events had compostable plates and utensils, and were composted appropriately. In February, Barbara was able to get the Office of Sustainability to provide Marsh with its own composting bin, so that all food waste in Marsh is now composted instead of sent to the landfill. She took iit upon herself to make sure the compost was emptied out regularly.

 Thanks for all your hard work in reducing waste, Barbara!

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