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Restoring Degraded Landscapes with Native Species in Latin America, edited by Florencia Montagnini and Christopher Finney

This book discusses the economic and ecological benefits of forest restoration in Latin America, where reforestation with native trees, in both mixed and pure plantations, can restore degraded pasturelands and can also foster regeneration under the plantations’ canopies. The planted trees can later be harvested, and the released understory can provide a regenerating forest to be managed for future economic profits, as well as biodiversity and other environmental services. Reforestation strategies can also include non-timber forest products with economic, medicinal, social and aesthetic values and services.

Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restorationedited by Florencia Montagnini, Wendy Francesconi and Esteban Rossi

A compilation of articles from the “Agroforestry as a Tool for Landscape Restoration” session held in August 2009 as part of the “2nd World Agroforestry Congress. This book provides an overview of recent efforts to apply agroforestry technologies to landscape restoration in degraded lands located in tropical and temperate regions world-wide. Topics discussed herein vary according to the specific circumstances of ecosystem or landscape degradation, ranging from extreme conditions and solutions such as sand embankments and vegetative barriers in arid regions of Sudan, to degraded agricultural or pasture lands, implementing successional analogue ecosystems in the Brazilian Amazon, 'agrotropic-rainforestry' systems in Cameroon, traditional shifting agricultural technologies without burning in Madagascar, agrosilvopastoral systems in Costa Rica, or reforestation with taungya systems in Venezuela.  

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