Student Assistants

The Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry offers student assistantships to Masters students each year. 

Aaron Reuben is a Master of Environmental Management candidate, 2012.  He studies policy tools for influencing land-use decisions and sustainable coastal resource use.  He is the student coordinator and review editor for the Yale Forest Forum series.

Sharon Smith is a Master of Environmental Management candidate, 2012.  At GISF, she works with natural resource managers to keep working forests as forests.  She is the author of The Young Activist's Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World.

Maisah Khan is a Master of Environmental Management candidate, 2012. Maisah's background is in Conservation Biology and during her time at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies she has focused her studies on environmental law and policy.

Victoria Lockhart is a Master of Forestry candidate, 2013. She studies the sustainable management of working forests for a variety of products, focusing on family owned forestlands in the United States. Victoria is a student coordinator for TELE workshops.

Naomi Heindel is a Master of Environmental Science candidate, 2013.  She studies the social ecology of resource extraction in the James Bay Cree communities and hunting grounds of northern Quebec’s boreal forest.  At GISF, she works with the Connecticut Highlands forest health project.

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