Student Assistants

The Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry offers student assistantships to Masters students each year. 

Katie Beechem is a student in the Master of Forestry program at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. After working for a summer on a trail crew in southern Oregon, Katie pursued a degree in biology from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD.  She became a member of the first class of Chesapeake Conservation Corps volunteers in 2010, and later worked for three years with Baltimore County’s Forest Sustainability Program.


Prior to comign to Yale F&ES, Karin Bucht studied environmental science and international studies at Oregon State University. Karin has done work in social forestry and research in Madagascar, and has an interest in forest management around the globe.



Nick Lo is majoring in Global Affairs, focusing on International Development. After leaving Yale he hopes to work in sustainable natural resource management and community development, and is interested in finding ways for people to live sustainably while improving their standards of living in the global South. Beyond micro-level efforts to achieve sustainability, Nick is also interested in how current economic systems and extractive industries can be reformed to address the effects of global climate change, and how communities can adapt in the face of changing weather patterns.


Rachel Plawecki is a second year Master of Forestry candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies focusing on domestic forest policy. She grew up outside Detroit, MI, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Michigan State University. As an undergraduate, she interned with National Association of State Foresters in Washington D.C. and Sustainable Northwest in Portland, OR.


Kyra Prats is a first year Master of Forest Science candidate studying forest ecology and drought. She grew up in Massachusetts and attended Boston College to pursue a major in Environmental Geoscience. Before coming to Yale F&ES she worked as a research assistant for the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Application (CREAF) in Barcelona, Spain. At the Global Forest Atlas, Kyra works as a contributing writer and website editor, focusing on boreal forest regions.

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