Southern Lowland Hardwood Initiative

Management Guidelines

  1. Ecology
    1. Site
    2. Species and Species/Site Relationships
      Group: John Adams (group leader) (originally Group 9)
      Outline forthcoming
    3. Succession and Stand Development
      Group: Wayne Clatterbuck (group leader), Mike Messina, Brian Lockhart, Matt Lowe, Masato Miwa, David Larsen (originally Group 7)
      Outline forthcoming
  2. Silviculture
    • Reproduction and Regeneration Methods (Natural and Artificial)
      Group: Emile Gardiner (group leader), Wayne Clatterbuck, Mike Messina, Andy Ezell, Matt Lowe, Masato Miwa, Callie Schweitzer, David Larsen (originally Group 3)
    • Intermediate Treatments
      Group: Steve Meadows (group leader), Edward Loewenstein (originally Group 5)
      Outline forthcoming
  3. Management (Overview of Management Multiple Stands [Landscape])
    Group: Chad Oliver (group leader), Andy Ezell, Masato Miwa, Jim Shepard, David Larsen, Edward Loewenstein, Scott Schlarbaum (originally group 8)
    • Silviculture Pathways
      Group: Brian Lockhart (group leader), Wayne Clatterbuck, Mike Messina, Matt Lowe, Callie Schweitzer, Edward Loewenstein, Chad Oliver (originally group 2)
    • Management (Objectives, Site Evaluation, Tree Grades, Log Grades, Tree Classes, Decision Making)
      Group: Andy Ezell (group leader), Callie Schweitzer, David Larsen, Steve Meadows (originally group 4)
      Outline (forthcoming)
    • Growth and Yield
      Group: David Larsen (group leader), Clark Baldwin (originally group 1)
      Outline (forthcoming)
    • Protection (Insects, Diseases, Animals)
      Group: Ted Leininger (group leader), Dan Wilson, Ethan Nebeker (originally group 6)
      Outline (forthcoming)
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