Recent Publications


Thorhaug, A., A.D. Richardson, and G.P. Berlyn.  2006.  Spectral reflectance of Thalassia testudinum  (Hydrocaritaceae) seagrass: low salinity effects.  American Journal of Botany 93: 110-117.

Craven, D., D. Braden, M.S. Ashton, G.P. Berlyn, M. Wishnie, and D. Dent. 2006.  Beteen and within-site comparisons of structural and physiological characteristics and foliar nutrient content of 14 tree species at a wet, fertile site and a dry, infertile site in Panamá. Journal of Forest Ecology and Management. Forest Ecology & Management 238: 335-346.

Thorhaug, A., A.D. Richardson, and G.P. Berlyn.  2007.  Spectral reflectance of the seagrasses: Thalassia testudinum, Halodule wrightii, Syringodium filiforme and five marine algae.  Journal of Remote Sensing 28: 1487-1501.

Poulos, H.M., U. M. Goodale, and G. P. Berlyn.  2007.  Drought response of two Mexican oaks species, Quercus laceyi and Quercus sideroxyla (Fagaceae), in relation to elevational position.  2007. American Journal of Botany 94: 809-818.   

Poulos, H. M. and G. P. Berlyn.  2007.  Phenotypic plasticity in needle morphology and water status of Pinus cembroides across an elevational gradient in the Davis Mountains of west Texas, USA. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Society. 134: 281-288.

Poulos, H. M., G. P. Berlyn, and U. M. Goodale.  2008. Physiological and structural mechanisms of niche differentiation for three Sky Island oaks in relation to light and temperature.  Desert Plants 24: 3-12.

Berlyn, G. P.  2008.  Review of Aldo Leopold’s Odyssey by Julianne Lutz Newton.  Journal of Sustainable Forestry 26: 344-347.

Goodale, U. M., G. P. Berlyn, T. G. Gregoire, and M. S. Ashton.  2009.  Ecological significance of crown functional traits across size classes and disturbance environments in eight pioneer species of a Sri Lankan rainforest.  Journal of Sustainable Forestry 28: 22-47.

Greenwood, Michael S., M. E. Day, and Graeme P. Berlyn.  2009.  Regulation of foliar plasticity in conifers: Developmental and environmental factors.  Journal of Sustainable Forestry 28:48-62

Thadani, Rajesh, Graeme P. Berlyn, and Mark S. Ashton.  2009.  A comparison of leaf physiology and anatomy of two Himalayan oaks in response to different light treatments.  Journal of Sustainable Forestry 28: 74-91.

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