Long-term Silvicultural & Ecological Studies

Long-term Silvicultural & Ecological Studies
Results for Science and Management

GISF Research Paper 005
June 2006

Lloyd C. Irland, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Ann E. Camp, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
John C. Brissette, USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station
Zachary R. Donohew, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Forest management and silvicultural practice, based on knowledge of the dynamic responses of forests to disturbances, treatments, or just letting nature take its course, comes from long-term silvicultural and ecological experiments. These long-term datasets allow current researchers to more rapidly assess emerging issues including wildlife responses to forest management, carbon sequestration, and global climate change.

This volume is a compilation of papers that emerged from discussions at the 2005 New England Society of American Foresters (NESAF) annual meeting among researchers and forest managers who believe that long-term silvicultural and ecological studies are a valuable but endangered asset. It is intended as a step toward better communication among research groups involved with long-term studies and to promoting continued information transfer from knowledge gained through long-term research to land managers, other scientists, and the public.


  • Northeastern United States
  • Eastern Canada
  • Southern United States
  • Western United States
  • Methods and Outreach
  • Managing the System
  • Selective Reference List on Long-term Silvicultural Research Studies and Re-measured Natural Stands in the United States and Canada

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents & Editors' Note


Acadia Research Forest: A Brief Into to a Living Laboratory

Effect of Industrial Forest Regeneration Practices on Height Accumulation in Loblolly Pine Prior ro Canopy Closure

FERNS: The Forest Ecosystem Research Network of Sites

Henderson Site Productivity Study

Large Area Comparisons of Forest Management Practices in West Virginia

Listening to Old Beech and Young Cherry Trees--Long-term Research in the Alleghenies

Long-term Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris Mill.) Plantation Studies on the Palustris Experimental Forest: Growing Timber to Provide Habitat

Long-term Data from Silviculture Studies: Interpreting and Assessing Old Records for Economic Insights

Long-term Forest Ecosystem Studies of the Cooperative Forestry Research Unit and the University of Maine

Long-term Forest Genetics Research in Northeastern North America

Long-term Monitoring of Stand Development after Selection System Silviculture in Uneven-aged Northern Hardwoods of New York State

Long-term Sivliculture Research on Northern Hardwoods in Québec (Canada)

Long-term Studies: The Roots of Silviculture in the Lake States

Long-term Timber Productivity Research on Intensively Managed Pine Forests of the South

Long-term Vegetation Studies in the Southwest

Maple Research at the University of Vermont

Outreach to Other Researchers and Managers

Permanent Plots in Natural Stands in the Pacific Northwest

Pine Plantation Response to Harvet Residual Removal & Soil Tillage

Pine Response and Soil Nutrient Chance to Mid-rotation After Early Intensive Vegetaion Management: the Competition Omission Monitoring Project

Quabbin Reservoir, MA: Monitoring Watershed Forests Using CFI--1960-2000

Seventy Years of Stand Dynamics in Connecticut Hardwood Forests--The Old-Series Plots

Silvicultural and Other Long-term Research at Pringle Falls Experimental Forest

Sustainable Productivity in the South as Affected by Site Organic Matter and Soil Porosity: Ten Years into the /gisf/files/pdfs/LTSP Experiment

Sustaining Long-term Research Through Changing Times at the Harvard Forest

The Future of Long-term UDSA Forest Service Research Sites in the Northeast

The Great Northern Paper Company PO Series--Stand Dynamics in Northern Maine, 1924-1994

The Need for Long-term Research Installations and Datasets

"Twenty Year Resu/gisf/files/pdfs/LTS, You're Just Getting Started": Long-term Experimentation at the Petawawa Research Forest

Turning Data into Knowledge for over 50 Years:_USDA Forest Service Research on the Penobscot Experimental Forest

Understanding Soil Change at the Calhoun Experimental Forest's Long-term Soil Experiment

USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges

What are Land Managers Looking For?-- Outside the Wildlands

Why Long-term Research Matters

Wildlife Assessments at the Bartlett Experimental Forest

Appendix A - Selective Reference List on Long-term Silvicultural Research Studies and Re-measured Natural Stands in the United States and Canada

Appendix B - Principle Authors' Addresses

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