Sarah Charlop-Powers ‘09

"Funding Innovative Conservation in New York City"

Sarah Charlop-Powers is the Vice President of the Natural Areas Conservancy, an innovative new public-private partnership created to conserve and restore the more than 10,000 acres of forests, grasslands and wetlands that exist in New York City.  

Ms. Charlop-Powers draws on her background in land use planning, economics, and environmental management in her work.  While working as a planner at Jonathan Rose Companies, she was the lead project manager for the creation of a new management entity for the South Bronx Greenway, where she focused on the creation of local revenue streams, including park-based job training programs and the creation of markets for locally generated environmental services.

Ms. Charlop-Powers worked for seven years as the parks manager for Scenic Hudson, where she managed 15 parks.  She also worked as a consultant for NYSERDA, the NYC DOT, and the Mohonk Preserve. 

She has an undergraduate degree in economics from Binghamton University and a masters in environmental management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies where she was both a Doris Duke Conservation Fellow and a Berkley Conservation Scholar.

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