Emily Bateson

“Wildlands and Woodlands: A vision to protect New England's forested landscape and how we are working together to make it happen”

As the Conservation Director at Highstead, Emily oversees the science and conservation work necessary to make the 150-acre Highstead property and associated programs a leading example of the Wildlands and Woodlands conservation vision. Emily also plays a regional leadership role as the Coordinator of the New England Wildlands and Woodlands (W&W) Initiative, building on the success of the report, Wildlands and Woodlands, A Vision for the New England Landscape, and oversees W&W initiatives in regional conservation partnerships, regional and federal conservation policy, innovative conservation strategies, and land conservation.

Emily has extensive leadership experience in the field of regional forestland conservation. She was the long-time Land Project Director of the New England-based Conservation Law Foundation; a founding Steering Committee member of the Northern Forest Alliance; a founding Board member of the science-based Hubbard Brook Research Foundation; the Associate Director of the regional land conservation funder Sweet Water Trust; and the Co-Founder and first Executive Director of the cross-border Northern Appalachian initiative, Two Countries, One Forest (2C1Forest) – a U.S./Canadian conservation collaborative that led the way in the region for conservation at a more landscape scale. Emily has a BA from Yale University, and has written extensively on science-based and landscape-scale conservation. 

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