Ecotrust Forest Management

Making the case for an Integrated Ecosystem-Based Approach to Forestry in the Pacific Northwest

Wednesday April 10, 2013
Marsh Rotunda
4:00 - 5:15 p.m.

Ecotrust Forest Management will share its approach and arguments for why an integrated ecosystem based approach to forest management is the best way forward for both investors and society.

EFM is a Portland based forestland investment manager and adviser. We offer investors the unique opportunity to own ecologically significant and commercially valuable forestland in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most timber managers, we are regionally focused and target productive timberland properties with unique conservation option value, that we are uniquely qualified to monetize. Via our investment vehicles, we acquire industrially managed forestlands and transition them towards more sustainable long term ownership and FSC certified management.

Bettina von Hagen helped launch Ecotrust Forest Management (EFM), a for-profit subsidiary of non-profit Ecotrust, and joined EFM as CEO in 2008. EFM provides forestland investment management services, primarily to Ecotrust Forests LLC, a fund focused on acquiring and managing temperate rainforests in the US for high-quality timber as well as economic, ecological and social returns.  EFM also serves as the placement agent for Ecotrust’s New Market Tax Credit allocation which helps finance natural resource investments in economically distressed rural communities.  A former vice president of Ecotrust’s Natural Capital Fund and commercial banker, Bettina has over 20 years of experience in banking, impact investing, and fund management.  She also has significant expertise in emerging markets in ecosystem servicesand on how to combine private, public, and philanthropic capital and structures to achieve financial returns and environmental and social impact.   Bettina has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from the University of the Pacific. She currently serves on the boards of Forest Trendsand the Verified Carbon Standards Association.

Amrita Kumar: Director of Ecotrust Forest Management
Amrita joined Ecotrust Forest Management in 2011 to lead EFM’s new fund development, advisory and capital raising efforts. She possesses a unique mix of private sector experience in banking, venture capital and consulting, having worked for Citigroup’s Growth Ventures, Piper Jaffray’s clean-tech banking group and PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore for 5 years, where she led the development of their sustainability service offerings. Amrita has also developed a unique perspective on financing triple bottom line ventures via consulting work with carbon forestry developers in Indonesia, pioneering impact investment funds in West Africa and leading environmental non-profits in the US. She is a Fellow of the Erb Institute and graduated from the University of Michigan with an MBA and an M.S. in Natural Resources. She was named the Journal of Environmental Investing’s Graduate Scholar in 2011 and recently co-authored the book Evolutions in Sustainable Investing Strategies published by Wiley

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