The School has published work by its faculty and students since 1912. A select number of the Yale University School of Forestry and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Bulletins are listed below.

The Development of Northern Red Oak in Mixed Stands in Central New England.  1978. Chad OliverDownload.



The Structure of Germination in Pinus lambertiana.  1967. Graeme BerlynDownload.



Is Timber Scarce?  The Economics of a Renewable Resource.  1974. Lloyd C. IrlandDownload.



Wood Formation and the Concept of Wood Quality.  1969. Philip R. Larson.  Download.



The Transportation of Logs on Sleds.  1925. Alexander Michael Koroleff and Ralph C. Bryant.  Download.



Trenched Plots Under Forest Canopies.  1931. James W. Toumey and Raymond Kienholz.  Download.



The Treatment of Advance Growth Arising as a Result of Thinnings and Shelterwood Cuttings.  1925. Louis J. Leffelman and Ralph C. Hawley.  Download.


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