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The Politics, Markets & Environment Workshop Series is hosted by GEM. It features scholars and graduate students from Yale and beyond presenting works-in-progress on themes and topics relevant to the amelioration of global environmental challenges and the promotion of sustainability across different scales, institutions, and sectors. The workshop focuses particularly on works in political science and public policy that help understand the role of public and private actors and institutions in environmental policy and governance.

The workshop meets every second Wednesday in Kroon 319 between 1:15 and 2:30. To be added to the workshop mailing list, please contact

Spring 2013 Schedule

Jan 15
“Greening the bottom billion: Access, distribution, and perceptions of carbon finance from the peasant to the banker”
Jasmine Hyman (FES)

Jan 30
"Thinking about goals, integration, interdisciplinarity, environmental programs, and professional careers?"
Susan Clark (FES) with David Mattson

Feb 6
"Beliefs about global warming bias perceptions of local seasonal climate"
Peter Howe (U Penn/FES)

Feb 20
"Policy-making in a New York Town: The Case of Hydraulic Fracturing"
Matthew Barnes (Princeton)

Mar 6
"Towards a political theory of natural disaster"
Alyssa Battistoni (Yale Political Science)

Mar 27

Apr 10
"Science, Religion, & Environmentalism"
Michael Aklin (NYU)

Apr 24
"Rights in a Changing Climate? Forest Governance, Human Rights, and the REDD+ Readiness Phase"
Sebastien Jodoin (FES)

Fall 2012 Schedule

26 September
“Twenty years of the European Union's nature conservation policy: understanding policy stability and change in a multi-level governance system.”
Metodi Sotirov (University of Freiburg)
10 October
“Alternative regimes of transnational certification for Alaska salmon: Marketization, territoriality, and governance”
Karen Hebert (FES, with Paul Foley, Memorial University)
7 November
“Greening the Bottom Billion: Access, Distribution, and Perceptions of Carbon Finance from the Peasant to the Banker”
Jasmine Hyman (FES)
28 November
“Explaining Stasis and Incremental Change on Mountaintop Removal Mining Policy”
Laura Bozzi (FES)
12 December
“New Governance and Industry Culture: A Case Study of Sustainability Certifications in Forestry”
Karen Bradshaw (NYU)
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