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Metodi Sotirov

Metodi Sot web
Metodi Sotirov is a Research Scientist and Scientific Coordinator at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy at University of Freiburg, Germany. Currently, he works on his habilitation treatise to qualify for professor. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Freiburg (2009) in Forest and Environmental policy (Dr. rer. nat.), a M.S. (2002) and a B.S. (2000) in Forestry Sciences from University of Forestry Sofia, Bulgaria. He worked as Laboratory Associate/Visiting Fellow with the Governance, Environment and Markets (GEM) initiative in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, USA (2012).
His research investigates socio-psychological, political and institutional determinants of actors’ behavior, policy change and policy integration in a system of multi-level governance. The substantive scope of his research includes sustainable forestry, public forestry reforms and non-state market-driven forest governance, biodiversity conservation, bio-energy, land-use changes and integrated natural resource management in Europe. So far, he has published in the Journal of Forest Policy and Economics, the Journal of Critical Policy Studies, the German Journal of Forest Research, and the Swiss Forestry Journal.
He has served as a policy expert to DG Environment, European Commission and Forest Europe/FAO/UNECE regarding sustainable management and protection of forests. Prior to his research career, he worked for five years as policy officer at the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the field of international co-operation and European integration regarding sustainable forestry and nature protection. During his civil servant career, he managed international projects funded by the GTZ, the World Bank, the FAO/UNECE and the European Union’s PHARE program.
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