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Kate O'Neill

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Kate O'Neill is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. O'Neill got her Ph.D. in political science at Columbia University, was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University's Belfer Center of Science and International Affairs, and has been at UC Berkeley since 1999. She writes and teaches on matters of global environmental politics and governance. Her first book, Waste Trading Among Rich Nations: Building a New Theory of Environmental Regulation (MIT Press, 2000) addressed why some wealthy countries still imported hazardous wastes, despite the risks. Her second book, The Environment and International Relations (Cambridge University Press, 2009), is a state of the art examination of the theory and practice of global environmental governance at this point in time. She is particularly interested in the ways new actors, initiatives and institutions are emerging on to the global environmental scene. As well as these books, she has published various peer-reviewed articles and chapters, including work on environmental social movements. Currently, she is working on various projects, including the second edition of The Environment and IR and a project on climate activism. Dr. O'Neill is editor, with Dr. Stacy VanDeveer at the University of New Hampshire, of the MIT Press journal Global Environmental Politics.
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