Research Reports

Check out highlights from some of the latest research to be published from graduate-student work in the Yale School Forests. These reports highlight the scientific contributions made by ongoing research in our forests, as well as significant implications for management decision-making in the region.

February 2014 Research Report

Philip Marshall's mixed-method approach to tracing the historical distribution of eastern white pine yields interesting and varied results, with implications for the practice of ecological restoration in general.

October 2013 Research Report

Jonathan Richardson's studies of amphibian genetics, population connectivity and barriers to dispersal provide insights into managing forestlands for wildlife.

April 2013 Research Report:

Former Doctoral student Brent Frey's research examining patterns and trends of oak regeneration.

February 2013 Research Report:

Doctoral student Steven P. Brady's work studying the effects of roads and their associated toxicity to woodland amphibians has major consequences for how we understand species adaptation and evolution to human-caused changes.

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