Current Projects

Primary Researchers at Yale Forests

Mark Ashton–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies                 
     Forest landscape floristic trends – ASH05
     Topographic patterns in seedling recruitment – ASH02
     Savanna woodland floristics – ASH07
     Regeneration dynamics within experimental shelterwoods – ASH06
     Floristic diversity patterns within gaps – ASH04
     Response of six canopy tree species to microsites – ASH03
     Spatial Dynamics of Oak Regeneration in Shelterwoods – ASH08
     Ridge-Valley Comparison of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Affects – ASH09
Mark Bradford–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies                
     Effects of ant nesting on decomposition rate of woody debris – BRAD01
     Decomposition of woody debris along longitudinal gradients – BRAD16
Craig Brodersen–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     Master Chronology of Trees – BROD16
Marlyse Duguid–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     Understory Plant Community Dynamics in Managed Forests – DUG16
     Invasion Treadmills – DUG17
Os Schmitz–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     The macrophysiology of food web dynamics – SCH01
Dave Skelly–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     Annual monitoring of amphibian populations – SKE01
     Wetland-urbanization gradients and vector-borne disease – SKE02 
     Amphibian population response to pond manipulations – SKE03
     Adaptive behavior and pathogen transmission dynamics – SKE04

Other Active Research Projects

Alex Barrett — Longview Forest Products
  • Top breaking for timber improvement in Birch (BAR17)                 
Robert Buchowski — Yale F&ES
  • Isopods, nitrogen, and litter quality influence on soil nitrogen cycling (BUCH15)
  • Invertebrate feedbacks on nutrient cycling and the development of plant communities in old-field ecosystems (BUCH16)
Roland De Gouvenain —Rhode Island College
  • Growth and survival of canopy gap edge trees (DEG01)
Maria Diuk-Wasser — Columbia University
  • Prevalence and geographic range of tick borne pathogens in southern New England (DIU12)
Ed Faison — Highstead
  • Impacts of moose and deer on forest regeneration patterns (FAI01)
Robert Goodby — Franklin Pierce University
  • Native American settlement patterns (GOOD01)
Michael Gregonis — Connecticut DEEP
  • Oak mast survey (GRE01)
Dan Hewins — Rhode Island College
  • Legacy effects of clear cutting on forest biogeochemical cycling (HEW16)
Jenn Hoyle — Yale F&ES
  • Stream Assessment and Monitoring (YMFWaters)
Nicole Kinlock —Stony Brook University                 
  • Interactions among pairs of old field plants including both invasive and native species (KIN15)
Louise Lewis — University of Connecticut
  • Phylogenetic study of the green algae Oophila (LEW13)
Maureen Long — Yale Geology & Geophysics                 
  • The seismic experiment for imaging structure beneath Connecticut (LONG15)                 
Philip Marshall — Yale F&ES
  • Botanical inventory of Bowen Forest (MARO4)
Kyra Prats — Yale F&ES                 
  • Physiology and morphology of X-mas ferns (PRA16)
Nicolas Russo — University of Connecticut
  • Dispersal of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid during Avian Spring Migration (RUSS16)                 
Talbot Trotter — United States Forest Service
  • Community composition of arthropod species on eastern hemlock (TROT2011)
  • Field test of exotic hemlock replacements for eastern hemlock (EVA02)
Mark Urban — University of Connecticut
  • Evolution of predator-prey interactions across the landscape (URB01)
A. Andis
  • Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of microgeographic evolution of wood frog (Rana sylvatica) populations   (AND17)

Richard Cowles

  • Trapping feral bees to improve honey bee genetics (COW17)
Jeff Corbin
  • Biological Soil Crusts (COR17)
Sara Kuebbing
  • Invasion Treadmills (DUG17)
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