Current Projects

Primary Researchers at Yale Forests

Mark Ashton–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies                 
     Forest landscape floristic trends -ASH05
     Topographic patterns in seedling recruitment -ASH02
     Savanna woodland floristics -ASH07
     Regeneration dynamics within experimental shelterwoods -ASH06
     Floristic diversity patterns within gaps -ASH04
     Response of six canopy tree species to microsites -ASH03
     Spatial Dynamics of Oak Regeneration in Shelterwoods -ASH08
     Ridge-Valley Comparison of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Affects -ASH09
Mark Bradford–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies                
     Effects of ant nesting on decomposition rate of woody debris–BRAD01
Dave Skelly–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     Annual monitoring of amphibian populations -SKE01
     Wetland-urbanization gradients and vector-borne disease -SKE02 
     Amphibian population response to pond manipulations -SKE03
     Adaptive behavior and pathogen transmission dynamics -SKE04
Os Schmitz–Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
     Old-field ecosystem structure and functioning -SCH01

Other Active Research Projects



Research Projects

Meredith Atwood

Yale F&ES
Food webs in temporary ponds -ATW12
Yale F&ES
Community composition changeand nitrogen turnover -BUCH13
Yale F&ES
spatial distribution of soil nutrients and herbivory -BURG12
Yale F&ES
Methane Production in Upland Forests -COV13
Hale Morrell
Yale F&ES
Bird diversity and abundance across shelterwood harvests- MOR14
Rhode Island College
Growth and survival of canopy gap edge trees -DEG01
Yale School of Public Health
Prevalence and geographic range of tick borne pathogens in southern New England -DIU12
Impacts of moose and deer on forest regeneration patterns -FAI01
Franklin Pierce University
Native american settlement patterns -GOOD01
Michael Gregonis
Connecticut DEEP
Oak mast survey -GRE01
Washington State University
Wood frogs and ranavirus -HALL13
Yale F&ES
Species composition and demographies of turtles on Yale Properties -LAM12
University of Connecticut-EEB
phylogenetic study of the green algae Oophila, -LEW13
Yale F&ES
Botanical inventory of Bowen Forest -MARO4
Brian Park
Yale University-EEB
Evolution of sterile marginal flowers in Viburnum lantanoides -PARK13
Pinchot Institute
Hybrid chestnut field trial -PIN01
United States Forest Service
Community composition of arthropod species on eastern hemlock -TROT2011
Field test of exotic hemlock replacements for eastern hemlock -EVA02
University of Connecticut-EEB
Evolution of predator-prey interactions across the landscape -URB01
Katherine Urban-Mead
Yale University
Wild Pollinator Distributions in Old Fields -KAS13
Connecticut DEEP & UCONN Extension Forestry
Emerald Ash Borer Detection -WORTH11
Yale F&ES
Organic carbon uptake rate in small streams -YOON12
Madeleine Rubenstein
Yale F&ES
Effects of atmospheric warming on community structure of wood-decay fungi - RUB14
Jenn Hoyle
Yale F&ES
Stream Assessment
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