Resources for Owners


Are you a woodland owner living near the towns of Union, Ashford, Eastford or Woodstock, CT?

If so, the Quiet Corner Initiative was created for you. Maybe you are curious about your land's history or would like to know more about creating a sugar bush - or maybe you just want to attend a horse-logging demonstration with your family. The QCI offers many services to local owners, all the way from summertime movie projections to technical assistance for timber sales and easements. For example, our Woodland Parnership provides you with:

  • Detailed forest stewardship plans describing your woodlot’s unique resources and providing a guide for action to protect and improve those resources.

  • Information about conservation options specific to your property.

  • A network of landowners in the Quiet Corner interested in conservation and good forest management.

There is no cost for you to participate in the Quiet Corner and any assessments or plans provided are free of charge, and completely non-binding.

Dr. Mark Ashton showing landowners how to create den trees for birds in their woodlands (picture by Shane Hetzler)

A Landowner's View

Stewardship Plan and Conservation

“We are still using our property as an active farm, so we don’t want too many restrictions, and we don’t want to have people walking all over the property. The students are helping us figure out what kind of conservation programs are out there that fit that.

The stewardship plan is a comprehensive study of your property, and it’s free! It was a good experience to find out what options are out there for generating revenue while keeping the property as farmland or timberland. You get a different perspective on what you can do with your property.”

         Robert Torcellini, Eastford

Working with Yale Graduate Students

“The students were respectful of our land and really listened to what we wanted. They included in the plan recommendations for how we could keep sugaring and sawing.”

         Daryl Basch, Ashford

Yale's committment

Yale is committed to partnering with landowners to maintain the Quiet Corner as a working landscape for the long term. Student talent will be fresh each year, but with the support of Yale faculty researchers and professional foresters on the Yale School Forests team, the Quiet Corner Woodland Partnership will continue working in the community serving the needs of woodland owners in the future.

Ox-logging during Walktober, a collaborative local event
You do not live in the Quiet Corner but would like to learn more?
  • The Quiet Corner Initiative has online resources that you can download freely.

  • We regularly organize seminars on topics such as wildlife habitat, conservation easements and timber harvesting, and we are working on uploading tutorials and videos so that you can access the information that was shared during our workshops even if you did not attend.

  • We have a directory of partners and online resources so that you can locate a local organization that can help you with your conservation needs.

  • We provide updates and news through our bi-annual Quiet Corner newsletter, our annual School Forests newsletter, and periodic research bulletins.


We look forward to meeting you and learning what land conservation means to you. Please contact us for more information!

By mail: Yale School Forests, 360 Prospect Street, New Haven CT-06511

By e-mail: Julius Pasay, Forest Manager.

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