The Quiet Corner Initiative is not a solitary project - it is about connecting people to improve the stewardship of our land. Thank you to all our partners, neighbors, students and faculty members.

Connecticut Forest and Park Association

CF&PA on Facebook


Wolf Den - Eastern Connecticut Forest Landowners Association

ECFLA on Facebook



Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

FES on Facebook



Local Resources

There are many different organizations working to protect the natural landscapes of New England. While the Quiet Corner Initiative is not a direct partner of the following institutions, these websites contain a lot of useful information and resources about conservation options and local woodlands. Take some time to explore them!

Natural Resources Conservation Service CT



The Green Valley Institute

GVI Factsheets


MassConn Sustainable Forest Parnership




Hull Forest Products

Hull on Facebook



CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

CT DEEP on Facebook


 UConn Extension




New England network for collaborative conservation initiatives
Network for academic institutions catalyzing large landscape conservation


Connecticut Nature Conservancy

TNC on Facebook



Forest Service - Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry

The Quiet Corner Initiative's expansion is being funded thanks to a grant from the USFS

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