NEWSLETTER - Issue 9, Fall 2016






NEWSLETTER - Issue 8, Spring 2016






NEWSLETTER - Issue 7, Fall 2015






NEWSLETTER - Issue 6, Spring 2015






NEWSLETTER - Issue 5, Fall 2014






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NEWSLETTER - Issue 2, Spring 2013

In this issue students help owners plan timber harvests, draft horses get the wood out, a carpenter turns it into boards on site, and lawyers and foresters team up to protect your family land. (Are we obsessed with local, small-scale forestry? Perhaps.)




NEWSLETTER - Issue 1, Fall 2012

Our first newsletter is out! Learn about how to get a Management Plan, our Wildlife Habitat Workshop, exciting research projects in the Yale-Myers Forest and much more in the first issue of a bi-annual information bulletin that will keep you up to date with the Initiative’s developments.




SILVOPASTURE - Farming the Forest

Fall 2013 Workshop with Brett Chedzoy from Cornell Cooperative Extension - all hand-outs were graciously provided by Brett and the CCE.


Some information about silvopasturing in the Northeast, including links to online resources to get you started.



A few case studies and hard numbers about the economic benefits of silvopasture in terms of yield, animal weight gain, and production.


A simple step-by-step process to evaluate the potential of your site and help you decide which spot is best suited to silvopasture.


A final checklist to make sure that silvopasture is really for you!




What, you don't remember what we said about picking trees to thin out a silvopasture tract? That's okay. Just download the handouts (picture by Blair Rynearson).

LEGACY PLANNING - Protecting your Family Land

Spring 2013 Workshop in collaboration with the Connecticut Forest & Park Association and the Eastern Connecticut Forest Landowners Association.


This presentation by Steve Broderick (Forester and Program Director at the Goodwin Forest Center) will give you a broad step-by-step program about getting your affairs in order...



...while this handout prepared by Attorney William J. Dakin (Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela) gets into the nitty-gritty of tax, probate and legal implications of protecting your land.



This presentation from CF&PA's Lindsay Michel (Land Conservation Director) discusses funding opportunities for private landowners, as well as provides biographies and contact information for local land trusts.


A young American Chestnut survivor spotted on a local owner's property (picture by Jocelyn Mahone)

And more!




Are these leaves toxic for livestock? What species make good timber? This identification guide gives handy descriptions of the plants you will meet in local forests along with information about where they grow best, distinctive features, and management implications.



Who, what, why? The Factsheet tells you everything you need to know about the Quiet Corner Initiative in a nutshell.



You can view all Quiet Corner pictures for past events and workshops on our Flickr photo album.

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