Since its inception, the Yale School Forest Program has been committed to the highest quality, long-term stewardship of its landholdings.  The management of the Yale Forests strives to meet its four primary goals of being a working forest laboratory for teaching, a site for scientific research, a financial asset for the School, and maintaining the integrity and health of the forest ecosystem.  We work to meet these goals within the context of sound, defensible land stewardship.

Since 1900, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies has been a pioneering force in the science of sustainable forest management.  It is the oldest continuing forestry program in the western hemisphere.  Almost all the early foresters in North America had their roots at Yale. Graduates include such notables as Aldo Leopold, M.F. '09 and Starker Leopold, M.F. '38, the fathers of forest ecology and silviculture in North America (Clarence Korstian, M.F. '26; Harold Lutz, M.F. '27; Stephen Spurr, M.F. '40; David Smith, M.F. '46), and nine of the first twelve chiefs of the USDA Forest Service.

The Yale Myers Forest has been certified to international standards for sustainable forest management. Our participation in forest certification reflects Yale's continued dedication to the sustainable management of our forests, and the Yale Forests interests in providing the best educational experiences for our students. Through the passage of time, certification programs may or may not exist, but our unwavering commitment to sustainable forestry practices -- which originated long before the advent of certification programs–shall continue to evolve as our understanding of forested ecosystems grows.




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