Special Event: Documentary vs. Advocacy

The Blurred Lines of Environmental Filmmaking

Saturday, April 13th, 5:00pm
Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street

Travis Rummel, visual story teller and quiet observer of people, nature, peril and hope, joins us for a conversation about environmental filmmaker, and to share his experiences in the making of documentary films including Damnation and Red Gold

About Travis

Travis Rummel is a filmmaker and a partner with Ben Knight in Felt Soul Media, which makes documentaries. The duo is known for thoughtful and beautiful films about nature, culture, and environmental issues. Red Gold focused on a proposed gold and copper mine at the headwaters of an indigenous salmon spawning ground in Alaska. The film had an enormous impact on the debate around the mine, rallying people to oppose the project that would have altered both the river’s ecosystem and a longtime way of life for the community. Rummel and Knight are now working on a film, in conjunction with Patagonia, about removing dams in America and restoring free-flowing rivers. Damnation.

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