YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip


World Premiere

YERT is a groundbreaking adventure and a celebration of the American spirit in the face of adversity - a thought-provoking, inspiring, and sometimes hilarious, documentary about the courageous and creative individuals, groups, businesses and leaders of this country who are tackling the greatest environmental threats in history. Called into action by the ever increasing threats of planetary catastrophe (from climate change to toxic pollution, from water scarcity to habitat destruction), Mark Dixon, Ben Evans, and Julie Dingman Evans upended their lives, pooled collective life-savings, and set off on a first-of-its-kind, 50-state, year-long journey of discovery to personalize sustainability and to answer a critical question: Are we doomed?

Discussion to follow with filmmakers Mark Dixon, Ben Evans, and Julie Dingman Evans. Moderated by Matthew Eckelman, Lecturer and Associate Research Scientist at Yale.

About the Filmmakers

Ben Evans, Director/Producer of YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip
Ben graduated from Stanford University in 1994 with a BS in Science, Technology, and least that's what he tells his family. After working as an actor for a decade in LA and NYC, Ben found himself looking for a way to marry his creative urges with his abiding passion for the environment and a growing concern about the future. Looking for adventure and a sense of greater purpose, Ben launched YERT in 2006 with his college buddy, Mark Dixon, and convinced his exceedingly understanding wife, Julie, to join him. After far too much time in an editing cave and well aware that one good four letter word deserves another, he is elated to  be premiering YERT at EFFY. This is his first feature film.

Mark Dixon, Producer/Director of YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip
Mark attended Stanford University and graduated in 1997 with a BS in Industrial Engineering. While familiarizing himself with web and media technologies during a 10 year career in Silicon Valley, Mark discovered that our planet Earth was having a tough time accommodating her most dominant species. He also realized that a sound retirement plan would optimally include a stable planet. In an attempt to address these concerns (not to mention an itch to see the country), he went on to launch YERT in 2006 with his college buddy, Ben Evans. Now, approximately 54 months later, he is thrilled to see the world premiere of the YERT feature film at EFFY. This is his first feature film.

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Saturday, April 2nd, 7:00pm
Whitney Humanities Center

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2011
Running Time: 90 Minutes


Director: Ben Evans and Mark Dixon
Producers: Mark Dixon, Ben Evans
Co-Producer: Gill Holland, Scott Irick
Editors: Ben Evans, Scott Irick
Cinematography: Ben Evans, Mark Dixon, Julie Evans, Erika Bowman
Associate Producers: Scott Irick, Richard Citrin, Sheila Collins

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