2012 Fellows

  • Jorge Barbosa – MESc 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Colombia
    Latin American Regional Environmental Governance: The role of UNASUR in strengthening regional ties toward sustainable development post Rio+20
  • Bunyod Holmatov – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Uzbekistan
    Academic interests in managing water resources and waste-water treatment technologies; summer internship with Energy and Environment Unit of UNDP's Uzbekistan office
  • Vijeta Jangra – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from India
    Academic interests in energy system analysis, renewable energy, private investments in clean energy technologies, and environment economics; internship with World Bank on low carbon technologies
  • Ambika Khadka – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Nepal
    Studying the impact of different land use changes in the hydrological cycle of a watershed, Jiangxi Province, China
  • Aparna Mani – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from India
    Cultivating Food Security: Ni-Vanuatu Women's Relationship with Food, Bio-diversity, Natural Resources and Food Policy
  • José Medina Mora de León – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Mexico/US (dual)
    Academic interests in conservation and development issues; summer internship with permanent mission of Mexico the the United Nations
  • Pablo Peña – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Peru
    Summer research focused on the role of law and institutions in the Costa Rican Payment for Environmental Services program
  • Lucía Ruíz Bustos – MEM 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Mexico
    Academic interests in natural resources management, sustainable development, and environmental governance in Latin America; internship with the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
  • Sumana Serchan – MF 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from Nepal
    Summer research focused on the distribution of Ritha, a non-timber forest product, in community and private forests of western Nepal
  • Wen Wang – MESc 
    2012 Sabin Fellow from China
    Academic interests in environmental economics, valuation of health impacts of pollution, economic modeling of environmental problems; summer internship with WRI shale gas initiative.

2011 Fellows

  • Lakshmi Krishnan – MEM 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from India
    Areas of Interest: Social ecology, sustainable development, development economics
  • Jing Ma – MEM 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from China
    Areas of Interest: Energy issues and development of renewable energy in China, environmental economics
  • Munjed Murad – MEM 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from Jordan 
    Areas of Interest: Social ecology, community forestry, issues of environmental justice and social justice
  • Paulo Quadri Barba – MEM 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from Mexico
    Areas of Interest: Disaster risk reduction, ecosystem conservation and management, adaptation issues
  • Kavita Sharma – MEM 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from India 
    Areas of Interest: Sustainable development, water resource management and agricultural practices in India
  • Kanchan Shrestha – MESc 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from Nepal
    Areas of Interest: Disaster management policy in Nepal, water resource issues, climate change
  • Shiyue Wang – MEM 
    2011 Sabin Fellow from China
    Areas of Interest: Clean energy technology, energy markets, climate change, and carbon finance
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