Honorable Mention: Marissa Galizia

Marissa Galizia photo

The window is a wide crevice in stone that creates a window-like effect to peer out of, onto golden Texas mountains at sunset.  The sun’s rays spill in through the window, illuminating the cavern and the five of us supporting each other against the barren rock walls of the desert.  We have been backpacking through the dehydrated landscapes of Big Bend National Park together for five days.  We encourage each other up and down mountains, carry each other’s tents, share precious water, and pull painful cactus spines out of each other’s shoes.  For a week we lived in communion with the desert, but the terrain was harsh.  This photo represents the fact that we could not have done it without the community we formed.

From left to right, Gregor Hintler, Rebeka Ryvola, Marissa Galizia, Ben Friedman and Taylor Rees