Summer Internship Guidelines

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Work with us to bring a qualified intern to your organization this summer!
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All master's degree candidates at our school are required to undertake an internship or research project during the summer between academic years. The Career Development Office works very closely with employers and academic programs at the school to help facilitate internship development.

Timeframe: January 1st
For your organization to be competitive, we suggest that you post your internship by January 1st. Students often commit themselves early in the spring semester to summer opportunities.
Financial Support for Students
Our goal is for each student to receive a minimum of $6,000 or the competitive rate for each organization for a 10-week internship which could include stipends, wages, room and board, and transportation.

If an NGO or non-profit employer/host is unable to support a student for the minimum of $6,000, we suggest a stipend and/or room and board.  Students are eligible to apply for funding through the school on a competitive basis, often matching or supplementing stipends given by host organizations.
F&ES Next for Alumni

Post Your Summer Internship in F&ES Next

We offer employers with relevant summer opportunities free access to our online posting system, F&ES Next, to post both full-time and internship opportunities that reach current students and alumni. Please email Maya Polan, Assistant Director, at, with general inquiries, or if you experience problems with accessing your profile.
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