Employment Profiles and Salary Data

New! 2018 Internships and Research

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DSC 0370   Sarah Omusula
Sarah Omusula, MESc '19, conducting research around Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
37528041 2148411488534811 6104277086107598848 o   Paul Rink
Paul Rink, JD/MEM '19, assisting the legal representatives of 21 youth plaintiffs in their fight for a climate recovery plan through his law clerkship for Our Children's Trust
Jane Chu
Jane Chu, MEM/MBA '19, at The Burning Man Project Fly Ranch, a newly acquired 3800-acre greenfield parcel near the site of Burning Man's annual event in Nevada.  She worked with them on a plan for the new site.

Class of 2017 First Destination - 6 Months Out

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Class of 2017 Master's Graduate First Destination by Sector

Sector Number %
Academic (K-Higher Education) 2 2%
Further Study 12 13%
Government/Public Sector 14 15%
Not-For-Profit/NGO 28 30%
Private (Business/Consulting) 32 35%
Entrepreneurial/Self Employed 4 5%
Total 92 100%

* Based on 92 responses
2016 By Sector Chart Only

Class of 2017 Six Month Out Salary Data

Class of 2017 Salary Ranges
* Based on 76 Responses

Class of 2017 Six Month Out Salary Data by Sector

Government Public Average Salary Web
Non Profit Average Salary Web
Private Average Salary Web
* based on 76 responses
* Academic and Entrepreneurial Sectors not reported as samples are <3

Post-Graduation Employment Data

A survey is taken six months following graduation each year, to determine the academic and employment activities of recent FES graduates. These summaries provide employment statistics including salary information. The results of the surveys from the classes of 2010 - 16 are given below.

Summer Masters Internships & Research

Students are required to complete internships or research projects as part of their masters program at FES. Summer work takes place locally, nationally and internationally. See below for the most recent data on our students' summer work.
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