Yale F&ES Doctoral Conference

Title line

Yale F&ES 32nd Annual Doctoral Student Research Conference


October 9, 2015 - Kroon Hall, 195 Prospect Street


8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Opening Remarks
Karen Seto, Associate Dean for Research; Director of Doctoral Studies; Professor of Geography and Urbanization Science

Session I

9:15 Alder Keleman Saxena: The role of agrobiodiversity in household food security and nutrition in Cochabamba, Bolivia: Examining the consumption of native and traditional crops along an agro-ecological gradient
Advisors: Karen Hébert and Michael Dove
9:30 Deepti Chatti: Stirring the Pot: A Political Ecology of Improved Cookstoves
Advisor: K. Sivaramakrishnan and Michael Dove
9:45 Amy Leigh Johnson: Natural States: Designing Federalism in Nepal
Advisors: K. Sivaramakrishnan and Michael Dove
10:00 Luisa Cortesi: Living in Floods: Knowledge(s) and Technologies in Disastrous Water in Bihar, India
Advisors: K. Sivaramakrishnan and Michael Dove
10:15 Myles Lennon: The Popular Climate Narrative: Pragmatic or Deceptive?
Advisors: K. Sivaramakrishnan and Michael Dove
10:30 Coffee Break

Session II

11:00 Yiqi Zheng: Impact of extreme drought on photosynthesis, isoprene emission and atmospheric formaldehyde in the Missouri Ozarks
Advisor: Nadine Unger
11:15 Martin Bouda: Quantifying and understanding plant pore-space is key to characterizing the forces acting upon water in the transpiration stream
Advisor: James Saiers
11:30 Erica Barth-Naftilan: Monitoring Water Quality Near Shale Gas Development in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Advisor: James Saiers
11:45 Meredith Holgerson: Does the forest feed the pond? The role of terrestrial leaf litter in small pond food webs
Advisor: David Skelly
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Doctoral Student Mentoring Panel: Advice on Applying for Grants/Scholarships and Writing Research Proposals

Session III

1:30 Andrea Bittencourt Moreira: Sampling of Coarse Woody Debris in Brazil's Native Forests
Advisor: Timothy Gregoire
1:45 Jenalle Eck:. Negative feedbacks between tropical trees and their soil pathogens structure genetic diversity in tree populations
Advisor: Liza Comita
2:00 Lan Jin: Traffic pollution and adverse birth outcomes in Lanzhou, China
Advisor: Michelle Bell
2:15 Amruta Nori-Sarma: Heat Waves and Mortality: An Examination of the Impacts of Extreme Heat on Health in NW India
Advisor: Michelle Bell
2:30 Jia Coco Liu: Association between Wildfire Smoke on Risk of Hospital Admissions in 369 urban and rural counties
Advisor: Michelle Bell
2:45 Hao Deng: Air pollution damages in the US over time
Advisor: Kenneth Gillingham
3:00 Break

Session IV and Lightning Talks

3:30 Tamar Makov: The useful durability of consumer products
Advisor: Marian Chertow
3:45 Guilherme DePaula: Soybean Expansion in Brazil
Advisor: Robert Mendelsohn
4:00 Robert Buchkowski: Is it what you eat or where you live that matters?
Advisor: Oswald Schmitz
4:05 Alexandria Moore: Importance of Trophic Interations and Community Structure in Tidal Wetland Restoration
Advisor: Oswald Schmitz
4:10 Clara Pregitzer: Determining Realistic Goals and Targets for New York CIty's Urban Forest
Advisor: Mark Bradford
4:15 Andrew Muehlesein: Regeneration and long-term shifts in composition of tropical forests under new drought regimes
Advisor: Liza Comita
4:20 Juan Penagos Zuluaga: Ecology and evolution of the gynodioecious breeding system in early divergent flowering plants
Advisors: Liza Comita and Simon Queenborough



Keynote Address and Bormann Award Announcement

Introduction of the Keynote Speaker


Keynote Address, Dianne Dumanoski, Author and Environmental Journalist,  "Born in a strange time: On the front lines of galloping global change"


Karen Seto, Associate Dean for Research; Director of Doctoral Studies; Professor of Geography and Urbanization Science


Bormann Award Announcement & Reception

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