Yale F&ES Doctoral Conference

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Yale F&ES 31st Annual Doctoral Student Research Conference

October 10, 2014 - Kroon Hall, 195 Prospect Street

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8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Opening Remarks: Prof. Karen C. Seto, Director of Doctoral Studies and Associate Dean for Research

Session I

9:15 Erica Barth-Naftilan: Surface water withdrawals for shale gas development in Pennsylvnia: Are streams at risk?
Advisor: Dr. James Saiers
9:30 Chris ShughrueDynamics of Romance: Simulating an Adolescent Romantic Network
Advisor: Dr. Karen C. Seto
9:45 Kandice HarperClimate and air quality impacts of mitigating short-lived climate pollution in China
Advisor: Dr. Nadine Unger
10:00 Rob FetterGreen or Greenwash? Strategic voluntary environmental disclosure in hydraulic fracturing
Advisor: Dr. Matt Kotchen

Session II

10:45 Matto MildenbergerThe Comparative Politics of Carbon Pricing: Organized Interests and Distributive Conflict over Climate Policy
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Cashore
11:00 Deepti ChattiEnergy, Livelihoods, Gender: Portrait of a Changing Landscape in Rural India
Advisor: Dr. Rob Bailis
11:15 Alder KelemanAgrobiodiversity and Food Security in Cochabamba, Bolivia: Examining household consumption of native and traditional crops along an ecoregional transect 
Advisors: Dr. Michael Dove, Dr. Karen Hébert
11:30 Lily Zeng: Transformations of Indigenous Identity and Changing Meanings of Sacred Nature in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China
Advisors: Dr. Karen Hébert, Dr. Charles Peters
11:45 Chris HebdonUp the Environmentalist: Why It is Important to Study Environmental Scientists along with Environmental Science
Advisor: Dr. Rob Bailis, Dr. Douglas Rogers
12:00 Lunch

Session III

1:30 Lan JinCohort analysis of congenital heart defects and air pollution in Lanzhou, China
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Bell
1:45 Amrutasri Nori-SarmaTemperature, Air Pollution, and Human Health in Urban India: A Preliminary Look at Data Collection and Results
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Bell
2:00 Jia Coco LiuMapping wildfire-emitted air pollution (PM2.5) levels in the Western US for the present day and in the future
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Bell
2:15 Anobha Gurung: Characterizing Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure in Urban Areas of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Bell

Session IV

3:00 Martin BoudaFractal Dimension of Plants: What it is, why (not) calculate it, and how
Advisor: Dr. James Saiers
3:15 Noah SokolEcosystem impacts of forest invasions: The underground story
Advisor: Dr. Mark Bradford
3:30 Colin Donihue:Context Dependence in the Aegean Wall Lizard
Advisor: Dr. Os Schmitz
3:45 Break
4:25 Introduction of the Keynote Speaker
4:30 Keynote Address:
Sherburne Abbott M.F.S. '84, University Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy and Vice President for Sustainability Initiatives at Syracuse University
5:30 Bormann Award Announcement & Reception
For more information contact conference Co-Chairs Deepti Chatti (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) or Chris Shughrue (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

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