Yale F&ES Doctoral Conference

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Yale F&ES 30th Annual Doctoral Student Research Conference

Join us October 4, 2013 from 8:30am to 5:30pm in Kroon Hall, Burke Auditorium to hear F&ES PhD students present their research. The day will be capped by a keynote talk from Dr. Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, entitled, "Conservation that can make a difference: Choosing Gifford Pinchot over Grizzly Adams". The event is free and open to the public.  

Contact conference organizers Jennifer Hoyle (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) and Dan Maynard (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) for more information.




8:30         Breakfast

9:00         Opening Remarks: David Skelly, Director of Doctoral Studies and Associate Dean for Research


Session I

9:15         Coco Liu: GEOS-Chem simulation data on wildfire-specific PM2.5 in the western US and its

                 application in epidemiology

                   Advisor: Dr. Michelle Bell

9:30         Jesse Burkhardt: Economic modeling of California's gasoline and electricity sectors under emissions

                 policies: Preliminary efforts

                   Advisor: Dr. Matthew Kotchen

9:45         Noel Aloysius: Climate change projections: How reliable are they?

                   Advisor: Dr. James Saiers

10:00       Anobha Gurung: The scientific evidence on air pollution and human health in Nepal

                  Advisor: Dr. Michelle Bell

10:15       Laura Bakkensen: Adaptation and natural disasters: Evidence from global tropical cyclone

                   damages and fatalities

                  Advisor: Dr. Robert Mendelsohn


Session II

10:45       Sayd Randle: (Re)making water in Los Angeles, California

                   Advisors: Dr.Karen Hebert, Dr. K. Sivaramakrishnan

11:00       T. Robert Fetter: Information-based regulation in oil and gas: Evidence from hydraulic fracturing

                  Advisor: Dr. Matthew Kotchen

11:15       Peter Christensen: Suburbs or skyscrapers? Measuring the effect of a policy experiment on

                  urban form in China

                  Advisor: Dr. Karen Seto

11:30       Nathan Chan: Sharing the burden: Financing global public goods through international partnerships

                  Advisor: Dr. Matthew Kotchen

11:45       Timothy Terway: Towards transformation in social-ecological systems: Preliminary findings from action

                  research along CT’s coast

                  Advisor: Dr. Alexander Felson

12:00       Lunch


Session III

1:15         Kevin Mclean: Exploring canopy highways: Arboreal camera trapping in the Panamanian rainforest

                  Advisor: Dr. Oswald Schmitz

1:30         Colin Donihue: Human impacts on lizard adaptation and ecological dynamics in the Greek Archipelago

                  Advisor: Dr. Oswald Schmitz

1:45         Sean Johnson: Modelling Acid Neutralizing Capacity in Stormwater Runoff from Concrete Surfaces by

                 Application of Laboratory Simulations of Concrete Weathering to Plot-Scale Weathering

                  Advisor: Dr. Gaboury Benoit

2:00         Jennie Miller: Landscape drivers of tiger and leopard predation risk on livestock at multiple scales

                  Advisor: Dr. Oswald Schmitz

2:15         Troy Hill: Recent sea level rise and salt marsh accretion in NY and CT

                  Advisors: Dr. Shimi Anisfeld, Dr. Gaboury Benoit


Session IV

2:45         Chris Hebdon: Questions in the anthropology of energy

                  Advisors: Dr. Michael Dove, Dr. Douglas Rogers

3:00         Dana Graef: What it means to be red and green in Cuba and Costa Rica

                  Advisors: Dr. Michael Dove, Dr. Enrique Mayer

3:15         Namrata Kala: Climate, agro-ecological zones and the slave trade

                  Advisor: Dr. Robert Mendelsohn

3:30         Matto Mildenberger: Why did public concern for climate change decline?: Evidence from an opinion panel

                  Advisor: Dr. Ben Cashore

3:45         Stefan Renckens: Regulating transnational private governance in the European Union

                  Advisors: Dr. Ben Cashore

4:00         Break

4:25         Introduction of the Keynote Speaker

4:30         Keynote Address:

                Dr. Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

                "Conservation that can make a difference: Choosing Gifford Pinchot over Grizzly Adams"

5:30         Bormann Award Announcement & Reception

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