Yale F&ES Doctoral Conference

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28th Annual Doctoral Conference

Conference Schedule

October 7, 2011

Kroon Hall, Burke Auditorium
195 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511


Welcome and Opening Remarks

08:30     09:00     Breakfast, remarks by David Skelly


Social Ecology of Conservation and Development

09:00     09:15     Dana Graef: "Green Sovereignties: Environmentalism in Costa Rica and Cuba"

09:15     09:30     Sarah Osterhoudt: "Cultivating Meanings: Biological and Social Dimensions of Agroforestry Systems in Madagascar"

09:30     09:45     Jennifer Baka: "Biofuels and Wastelands: Energy Policy, Land Markets and Social Inequality in South India"


Air Pollution and Environmental Health

09:45     10:00     Keita Ebisu: "Birth Weight and Fine Particulate Matter"

10:00     10:15     Mercedes Bravo: "Characterizing Population-level Air Pollution Exposure and Estimating Health Outcomes"

10:15     11:00     COFFEE BREAK   


Environmental Economics

11:00     11:15     Laura Bakkensen: "The Economics Of Tropical Cyclones Under Climate Change"

11:15     11:30     David Keiser: "Measuring the Damages of Water Pollution in the U.S.: An Integrated Assessment Approach"

11:30     11:45     Jeffrey Chow: "Tropical Reforestation Dynamics in El Salvador"


Ecology, Ecosystems and Biodiversity I: Flora

11:45     12:00     Gabriela Doria: "Dead Plant Talking: On the origin of Neotropical rainforests and further back"

12:00     12:15     Ashley Keiser: "Implications of familiarity: Non-random tree species change, litter decomposition, and the soil microbial community"

12:15     02:00     LUNCH 


Environmental and Industrial Policy and Management

02:00     02:15     Xin Zhang: "A network Analysis of Clean Technology Cooperation Programs"

02:15     02:30     Jasmine Hyman: "Private Sector for Public Good? Shaping Climate Policy for Green Development"

02:30     02:45     Jooyung Park: "The Evolution of Materials from Waste into Resource: In the Case of Coal Combustion By-products (CCBs)"


Ecology, Ecosystems and Biodiversity II: Fauna

02:45     03:00     Kevin McLean: "Ecosystem effects of arboreal mammal communities: A 3D perspective of neotropical forest ecology"

03:00     03:15     Mary Rogalski: "Land Use effects on aquatic communities: A question of of spatial scale"

03:15     03:45     BREAK 


Keynote Presentation:
"Changes in Selective Pressure Across Lifetimes: Mediate Tradeoffs in Survival Strategies"

03:45     04:45     Dr. Tracy Langkilde,  Asst. Professor of Biology, Pennsylvania State University

05:00     06:00     Reception

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