Yale F&ES Doctoral Conference

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27th Annual Doctoral Conference


September 17, 2010

Kroon Hall, Burke Auditorium
195 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511



Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:15   Dr. David Skelly

Professor of Ecology, Associate Dean for Research
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies


Student Presentations

Aquatic Science, Policy, and Management

8:30   Noel Aloysius Hydrology of the Congo River Basin (Faculty Advisor: James Saiers)            

8:45   Sean Johnson - Investigation of acid neutralizing capacity and its effects on heavy metal dissolution in urban stormwater and receiving waters (Faculty Advisor: Gaboury Benoit)           

9:00   Maura Bozeman - Dissolved organic matter (DOM) composition shapes microbial competition for nutrients, carbon (C) fate, and ecosystem stability in lake water microcosms (Faculty Advisor: Peter Raymond)           

9:15   Troy Hill - Salt marsh drowning in Long Island Sound: Causes and biogeochemical consequences (Faculty Advisor: Shimon Anisfeld)


Forest Ecology and Management

9:30   Daniel Piotto - Spatial dynamics of forest recovery after swidden cultivation in the Atlantic forest of southern Bahia, Brazil (Faculty Advisors: Florencia Montagnini and Mark Ashton)           

9:45   Thomas James - Biophysical drivers of forest establishment and succession in northern Mongolia (Faculty Advisor: Mark Ashton)            

10:00   Elaine Hooper - Effect of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal, seed predation, and forest regeneration in the Brazilian Amazon (Faculty Advisors: Mark Ashton and Douglas Daly)

10:15   Coffee break


Environmental Policy and Economics

10:30   Laura Bozzi - Who owns the mountains? The politics of mountaintop removal mining and patterns of land ownership in Appalachia (Faculty Advisor: Ben Cashore)           

10:45   Laura Bakkensen - The economics of climate change and tropical cyclones (Faculty Advisor: Robert Mendelsohn)

11:00   Nathan Chan - Can green goods help us avoid the Tragedy of the Commons? (Faculty Advisor: Robert Mendelsohn)


Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

11:15   Jonathan Richardson - The landscape well traveled? Comparative population structure of two amphibian species across New England (Faculty Advisor: David Skelly)            

11:30   Kathryn Richards-Hrdlicka - The evolutionary history of the amphibian chytrid fungus (Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Powell)            

11:45   Jennie Miller - Future effects of climate change on tiger and ungulate resource availability in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, India (Faculty Advisor: Oswald Schmitz)

12:00   Lunch


Global Change

1:00   Martin Bouda - Achieving Realism in 3D Virtual Representations of Plant Root Systems (Faculty Advisor: James Saiers )         

1:!5    Alark Saxena - Evaluating the effectiveness of CBNRM in increasing the resilience of complex social-ecological systems (Faculty Advisors: Chad Oliver and Robert Bailis)            

1:30     David Butman - Stream and river CO2 evasion from the coterminous US (Faculty Advisor: Peter Raymond)            


Environment and Health

1:45   Keita Ebisu - Levels of Fine Particulates Chemical Constituents - Are they homogeneous within a community? (Faculty Advisor: Michelle Bell)           

2:00   Mercedes Bravo - Estimating populations' exposure to ambient air pollution: Modeling vs. measurements (Faculty Advisor: Michelle Bell)            

2:15   Coffee break


Social Ecology of Conservation and Development

2:30   Adrian Cerezo - Eight hundred eighty four (884) poopy diapers: Using analytical design to document, assess and convey the complex-dynamic network of early childhood development (Faculty Advisor: Stephen Kellert)            

2:45   Alder Keleman - Local purchase and local diversity: Agrobiodiversity and food assistance in Guatemala and Bolivia (Faculty Advisor: Michael Dove)            

3:00   David Kneas - From dearth to El Dorado: The history and culture of mineral resources in the Ecuadorian Andes (Faculty Advisors: Michael Dove and K. Sivaramakrishnan)            

3:15   Jennifer Gaddis - Sustainable living practices: the role of technology and skills in the transition process (Faculty Advisors: Karen Hebert and Anthony Leiserowitz)            

3:30   Sara Smiley Smith - Lessons from the heap: Five years of move-out reuse efforts at Yale (Faculty Advisor: John Wargo)            

3:45   C. Anne Claus - Cultivating conservation: The lure of “traditional” fishponds in Southwestern Japan (Faculty Advisors: Michael Dove and William Kelly)            


4:00   Break


Keynote Presentation: From Earth Day to Ecosystem Science: The Role of Yale F&ES

4:15     Dr. John Aber 

Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs
University of New Hampshire
Yale F&ES Ph.D, class of 1976



5:15   Location: Knobloch Center, Kroon Hall

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